TNG10 Feature Previews


Looking forward to seeing all our users at RootsTech! Stop by our booth and be among the first to upgrade to TNG10.

Today we are highlighting another simple change that makes the TNG experience so much easier. TNG10 now allows admins to export just a specific branch, and has the option to exclude or include living or private people. Your Site. Your Choice.


TNG 10 Features Preview: One week to go!


Only one week to go until TNG10 is available in a special presale for RootsTech attendees! If you can’t be at RootsTech, you will have to wait another week.

Today’s featured spotlight is another simple one that makes things easier. No more doing the math to figure out how old an ancestor lived! If a person’s birth and death years are known, the person’s age will now be displayed under their name on the individual page, next to their birth/death years. Age will also be displayed for spouse, parents, and children when birth and death years are known. Attention to little details like this is what makes TNG stand out from other web site options.



TNG10 Feature Preview of the day


Continuing our previews of the upcoming features in TNG10, today looks at a small but useful change to the media upload page. The Media “Upload” page will now show a green check mark next to each uploaded image to show that everything for that image has already been saved. If the title or description is then edited, the check will change to a “Save” button. Once the Save button is clicked, the changes will be saved and the mark will once again be displayed. This should make it much easier for admins to see what is and is not yet saved.

TNG Upload Page Improvements

TNG 10: It’s coming!


TNG 10 will be available soon!

RootsTech attendees will be able to buy TNG10 in a special presale at our expo booth only (we’re booth 318!) regular sales online will begin the following week, after we’ve had a chance to recover from RootsTech.

We’ll be counting down the 10 days until TNG is available for the first time here on the blog.

Today’s new feature is…

Mobile Friendly Versions!


Watch for more specifics when TNG10 goes live.

Every day between now and RootsTech, we will be teasing a new feature of TNG, so stay tuned!

Featured User: Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes submitted his site to be a featured TNG user this month: The Cocks and Baker Genealogy. Like many TNG users, his site is his primary repository for all of his information. TNG *is* his main genealogy program, so he is able to simplify maintaining his information and sharing it in the same program. He’s done quite a bit to customize his front page, including a nice sliding banner at the top that keeps his site name constant but changes through various photos and documents in the background. Each image has a small caption that appears, describing what you are seeing. It’s a nice and unique way to add interest to the landing page.

Rotating Header Genealogy Site

The site is chock full of media, Mark has documented his work with many photos and scanned documents. The media dropdown in his menu bar makes it easy to navigate the various types of media he has collected.

Mark has also created a custom statistics page that pulls from the TNG database to display interesting bits of information, like activity from this day in history, surnames, birth years, places, etc.

Genealogy Site Stats Page

Mark has also created a vertical display for the pedigree chart. Right now this is available as a mod for TNG, but it will (with Mark’s permission) be integrated into the soon to be released version 10 of TNG. It is a nice way of displaying the pedigree in a vertical rather than horizontal orientation.

Genealogy Site Vertical Pedigree Chart

Thank you, Mark for sharing your well done site with us!

WordPress Hints

Thinking of integrating TNG into your WordPress installation? The advantage of that is that users who need to log into both environments only have to do it once. Anyway, if you need some hints on how to do it, you might try one of these resources:

Kloosterman-websiteHow I made my TNG-WP site
Cees Kloosterman discusses how he went about the integration. According to Cees, the great advantage of his method is that you are not restricted to the one sidebar theme layout. Any theme design (1, 2, no sidebars, menu anywhere) will work.

Using TNG and WordPress with the tng-wordpress-plugin
A very thorough approach by Roger Moffat, detailed on the TNG Wiki. In fact, scroll down a bit to see a full write-up on Roger’s site right here on this blog.

Anyone know of any others? Please post them in the comments here.