TNG10 Available Tomorrow!


Tomorrow will be the first launch of TNG10! It will be initially only available to those purchasing in person at our booth at RootsTech. We’ll be in booth 318 near the middle of the hall. Stop by to see for yourself, or come to the product demo Saturday morning in the exhibit hall.

Today’s featured preview is my personal favorite. TNG now comes with three new templates!




Along with the three new templates comes a new way of selecting your templates. Just click on “Show Previews” and you can see a thumbnail preview of how your site will look in all fourteen included templates quickly and easily!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the feature previews and if you’ll be at RootsTech, please stop by and say hello!

TNG10 Features: Customization Options


The “Show/Hide Events” mod originally written by Jeff Robison has been incorporated, meaning that you can configure your Custom Event Types so that some of them start “collapsed” (all lines hidden except the top one).
Visitors may still expand those lines at will.

There are two ways to set this. It can be done on each custom event individually:


Of you can do it in bulk by clicking the ones you want to display collapsed and choosing the button at the top to collapse:


Here’s what it looks like before and after. There’s only a small amount of data here, but if you had a large amount of text to display, this would make a real difference:



TNG10 Feature Preview: See you Thursday!


Thursday marks the first day the RootsTech exhibit hall is open, and also the first day you can get your hands on TNG10. We will be in booth 318 near the middle of the hall, come by and see it in action for yourself!

Labeling individuals and families to create branches is now easier than ever. In the edit branch area, you start by choosing an individual as the “starting individual” and then define any number of ancestor or descendant generations. You can append a new label, replace labels, or remove labels if you no longer want to use the branch designation.



Can’t remember what you did before? You can choose to show the people included in the branch when editing a branch:


There is now a public “Branches” page (found under the “Info” menu), which shows a little detail for each branch you have created.


TNG10 New Feature of the day


Don’t you hate it when you get a million search results, and you have to keep clicking “next results” a million times to get to results you KNOW are in the middle? Not any more! TNG pagination of search results now has the ability to “jump to” a certain page of search results. Just one of the little things that makes life much easier!


TNG10 Feature Previews


Looking forward to seeing all our users at RootsTech! Stop by our booth and be among the first to upgrade to TNG10.

Today we are highlighting another simple change that makes the TNG experience so much easier. TNG10 now allows admins to export just a specific branch, and has the option to exclude or include living or private people. Your Site. Your Choice.


TNG 10 Features Preview: One week to go!


Only one week to go until TNG10 is available in a special presale for RootsTech attendees! If you can’t be at RootsTech, you will have to wait another week.

Today’s featured spotlight is another simple one that makes things easier. No more doing the math to figure out how old an ancestor lived! If a person’s birth and death years are known, the person’s age will now be displayed under their name on the individual page, next to their birth/death years. Age will also be displayed for spouse, parents, and children when birth and death years are known. Attention to little details like this is what makes TNG stand out from other web site options.



TNG10 Feature Preview of the day


Continuing our previews of the upcoming features in TNG10, today looks at a small but useful change to the media upload page. The Media “Upload” page will now show a green check mark next to each uploaded image to show that everything for that image has already been saved. If the title or description is then edited, the check will change to a “Save” button. Once the Save button is clicked, the changes will be saved and the mark will once again be displayed. This should make it much easier for admins to see what is and is not yet saved.

TNG Upload Page Improvements