Featured User: William Herndon

William Herndon has used TNG to put together a collection of information on the Herdon, Lindell, Bonnell and Fairbanks families. His site is located at Lindell-Herndon Genealogy.


His site is built on Template #8, which is included in TNG. William has modified the template a little by removing the box around the Latest News and Changing “Features” into “Starting Points”. We appreciate him keeping the “Contact Us” on the home page, as sometimes visitors to a site have a hard time identifying the site owner and try to contact Darrin instead!

Herndon Customized Photos

William has also changed the template by using his own images at the top instead of the stock images that come with the template. This adds a nice personal touch to the the site and is simple to do with the Administrative Interface. (Watch for a tutorial on how to do that later this week!)

Welcome to the TNG community, Wiliam. You’ve done a nice job with your site!