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Craxton Genealogy Home Page
Alan Craxford has put together a magazine style site for the extended Craxford Family. This site looks like it is running a dozen different instances of TNG, but it is actually all one TNG database. The genealogy portion is one tree, and the yearbook portion is another.
The family area is divided into 9 “magazines” each specializing in one branch of the very large Craxford family. He has a very creative scheme where he has adapted the Template4 that comes with TNG to match the various color themes, and is using a customized template switching facility to handle the modifications for each branch. Each magazine section has its own color scheme, customized banner, and unique left menu.
Over a dozen associate editors handle the various magazines and the customized TNG user rights allow them to be able to curate their area with little help from the admin. The magazines are nicely content rich, with numerous articles, letters, editorials, photos, birth, marriage and death certificates, and census studies.

The high level of customization of TNG here is impressive, and the site is a wealth of information for those working on the Craxford lines and those that tie into it. The entire site is w3c validated.

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  1. I must mention that Alan has been a huge inspiration to me over the few years that I have been a TNG’er. I started with no programming or website building experience whatsoever and he has been an amazing mentor. His website is an incredible source of news, knowledge and devotion to the study of the Craxford line and associated families.

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