Featured Users: Bush Family

Header from Bush Family Site
TNG User Chuck Bush has put together a nice example of how TNG and WordPress can run seamlessly side by side. When you land on his home page, what you see is a WordPress blog. He keeps the blog updated fairly regularly, and you can see what he is currently working on and what new discoveries he has made.
Click on the “Genealogy” tab and you’ll see that his TNG installation is nicely done and designed to look identical to his WordPress theme (which I suspect he did himself as well!) All the usual TNG functionality is there and the site is very visually pleasing.
Screen Shot of Bush Family TNG page
Chuck has also integrated discussion forums into his site, using another type of software for running forums. Other than the TNG and forums, everything you see on Chuck’s site is WordPress.
Chuck tells me he does not use the TNG WordPress Plugin, but has done the integration himself. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your site with us!