Featured Users: Familien Kracke

Screen shot of Kracke.org home pageTimo Kracke has put together a nice site where he uses the TNG WordPress Plugin to integrate his TNG site into his blog. Language Drop DownThe blog and site are primarily in German, but once in the TNG database portion, you can use the TNG languages feature to view the TNG information in any language the site administrator has allowed. Timo’s TNG site can easily be switched to viewing in English.
Using WordPress, Timo has included links to where he can be found on social networks, and an automatically updated Twitter feed.
He uses TNG functionality to have his WordPress home page display lists of events happening on this day in history, a list of surnames, and randomly chosen photos and documents.
On this Day
Home Page Display
Very nice work, Timo! Thank you for allowing us to share your TNG site.
If you are a TNG user with a public site, and would like to be featured on our blog, please send an email to andrea@lythgoes.net – hope to hear from you soon!

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