WordPress Hints

Thinking of integrating TNG into your WordPress installation? The advantage of that is that users who need to log into both environments only have to do it once. Anyway, if you need some hints on how to do it, you might try one of these resources:

Kloosterman-websiteHow I made my TNG-WP site
Cees Kloosterman discusses how he went about the integration. According to Cees, the great advantage of his method is that you are not restricted to the one sidebar theme layout. Any theme design (1, 2, no sidebars, menu anywhere) will work.

Using TNG and WordPress with the tng-wordpress-plugin
A very thorough approach by Roger Moffat, detailed on the TNG Wiki. In fact, scroll down a bit to see a full write-up on Roger’s site right here on this blog.

Anyone know of any others? Please post them in the comments here.

Featured User: Roger Moffat and WordPress Integration

Today’s featured user is Roger Moffat, who maintains a clean and user-friendly WordPress site with TNG integration using the free TNG WordPress Plug-in. Roger is a long-time TNG user who is always a friendly smiling face when he stops by our booth at the conferences where we are exhibiting our product. You can view Roger’s Site at www.lisaandroger.com. His home page is a traditional blog, where he occasionally shares about his life, his own genealogy, and important things to know in the genealogy world.
If you click on the tab at the top that says “genealogy” you will find his TNG work:


Roger has made a few tweaks to the software as it is running on his site. For example, he has the social media sharing buttons visible by default, while the software as-is has the buttons accessible through the small “Share” button for those who want to use them. The TNG WordPress Plug-in uses a dark blue color by default, and Roger has edited the CSS style sheet to get a lighter blue color to match the theme he is using for the rest of his site.

DownloadsRoger also offers several “mods” he has written to add functionality to TNG, available for free download, with the option of donating to Roger for his time in creating them. You can find these under the “downloads” tab.

Being the helpful kind of guy he is, Roger has written an excellent tutorial on the TNG Wiki on how to use the WordPress Plug-In. It can be a tricky process, so make sure that you read through the entire tutorial first, and then carefully complete the steps in the correct order.

Thank you, Roger, for being such a helpful and friendly member of the TNG community!

Featured Users: Bush Family

Header from Bush Family Site
TNG User Chuck Bush has put together a nice example of how TNG and WordPress can run seamlessly side by side. When you land on his home page, what you see is a WordPress blog. He keeps the blog updated fairly regularly, and you can see what he is currently working on and what new discoveries he has made.
Click on the “Genealogy” tab and you’ll see that his TNG installation is nicely done and designed to look identical to his WordPress theme (which I suspect he did himself as well!) All the usual TNG functionality is there and the site is very visually pleasing. Genealogy websites and platforms often offer a wide range of tools and resources to help individuals in their quest to trace their ancestry. These resources may include historical records, family trees, DNA testing services, and a wealth of information about various aspects of genealogical research. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just starting your journey to discover your family history, these platforms like Record Click can be invaluable in your quest to learn more about your heritage.
Screen Shot of Bush Family TNG page
Chuck has also integrated discussion forums into his site, using another type of software for running forums. Other than the TNG and forums, everything you see on Chuck’s site is WordPress.
Chuck tells me he does not use the TNG WordPress Plugin, but has done the integration himself. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your site with us!