TNG is a powerful way to manage and display your family tree on your own website, without the hundreds of HTML pages you get with other programs. All you need is a website, your data and TNG!

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"This program is a winner!"

— Dick Eastman, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

If you've been looking for an easy way to put your family tree online while keeping full control, TNG is for you!

Don't have a website yet? We can help with that. If you've already got a site that offers PHP and MySQL, you can set up and run TNG with very little effort.

Don't settle for ancient site creation methods that generate hundreds of HTML pages, or for freeware solutions that don't come with any support. Get TNG today!

TNG Features:

  • GEDCOM Import/Export: No need to retype everything.
  • Search: Easy lookup by name, or advanced search on dates, places and more.
  • Dynamic Charts: Pedigree, descendants, relationship, timeline, family group, etc.
  • Clean, Easy to Read: One person per page, sensible layout, clear navigation.
  • Surname and First Name Lists: Quickly display your main lines alphabetically and by popularity.
  • Customizeable: Choose from built-in template designs, purchase one from a third party, or create your own.
  • Security: Create users with various rights, protect living/private data.
  • Media: Upload and link photos, histories, videos, you name it.
  • Administration: Manage everything from a central admin menu.
  • Backup/Restore: Safeguard your data, recover from disaster.
  • Multiple Trees: Host more than one GEDCOM at a time.
  • Strong Support: Make use of a forum, a wiki and two mailing lists, or ask the author.
  • Much More: Google Maps, LDS data supported, Cemeteries, Dates & Anniversaries, "What's New", etc. etc.! See a more complete feature list here.

What's New:

  • New Designs: Two new templates have been added, and more third-party templates are also available for purchase at Genealogy Web Templates.
  • Media Enhancements: Many improvements have been made in the way TNG handles photos and other media. These include a more advanced method of image tagging, being able to embed PDFs and text files, and the ability to geocode individual headstones within a cemetery.
  • New Chart Added, Others Enhanced: A vertical descendants chart provides a different way to look at your data, and many existing charts now allow dragging to easily manipulate the display.
  • Admin Usability Upgrades: TNG's admin area now has improved sorting and save options. Event listings are more streamlined, and the old HTML frameset environment has been replaced with a more robust infrastructure that preserves the original functionality.
  • Libraries Upgraded: Third party libraries for jQuery, tFPDF and PHP Mailer have been upgraded to the latest versions.
  • Compatibility: Pro-active changes will make sure TNG remains compatible with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Plus more than 90 other fixes and improvements! See a complete list of all changes here.

See a demonstration right now!

Also works on sites created with! [Note: Free sites created on don't support PHP or MySQL]

Need a Website?

If you're just getting started and need a low-cost hosting provider who supports PHP/MySQL, I recommend Simply Hosting, for only $4.99/month (or less if you pay annually). They're very friendly to TNG users and will even install TNG for you at no extra charge. Plus, they'll give TNG users 50% off their first order!

Here's another option you might look at:

German-speaking users might want to look at this possibility:

If those options won't work for you, try doing a web search for "php mysql web hosting". You can choose any host, so long as they support PHP and MySQL.

More questions about TNG? Contact Darrin directly at (Note: Darrin is not responsible for the data found on any site using TNG).
Bored? Read the privacy policy.

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"Please add me to your list of happy and very satisfied users. Look at and everybody can see for themselves why I am so satisfied with your TNG program. A great genealogy program, very fast, well done, with a lot of possibilities and of course the languages. I'm getting a lot of compliments about my site. I always refer them to you Darrin and tell them that without your excellent program, after sale service, support and your help with the TNG scripts I could not have made such a professional looking website. It is the best program I have seen yet for genealogical websites and the price is a bargain!! You can quote me on that!"

—Cees Kloosterman, The Kloosterman Genealogy at

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"I am over the moon with the program — I just love it !!"

—Lesley Bray
Bray & McGilvery Ancestry

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