Featured Users: Familien Kracke

Screen shot of Kracke.org home pageTimo Kracke has put together a nice site where he uses the TNG WordPress Plugin to integrate his TNG site into his blog. Language Drop DownThe blog and site are primarily in German, but once in the TNG database portion, you can use the TNG languages feature to view the TNG information in any language the site administrator has allowed. Timo’s TNG site can easily be switched to viewing in English.
Using WordPress, Timo has included links to where he can be found on social networks, and an automatically updated Twitter feed.
He uses TNG functionality to have his WordPress home page display lists of events happening on this day in history, a list of surnames, and randomly chosen photos and documents.
On this Day
Home Page Display
Very nice work, Timo! Thank you for allowing us to share your TNG site.
If you are a TNG user with a public site, and would like to be featured on our blog, please send an email to andrea@lythgoes.net – hope to hear from you soon!

Featured Users: Bush Family

Header from Bush Family Site
TNG User Chuck Bush has put together a nice example of how TNG and WordPress can run seamlessly side by side. When you land on his home page, what you see is a WordPress blog. He keeps the blog updated fairly regularly, and you can see what he is currently working on and what new discoveries he has made.
Click on the “Genealogy” tab and you’ll see that his TNG installation is nicely done and designed to look identical to his WordPress theme (which I suspect he did himself as well!) All the usual TNG functionality is there and the site is very visually pleasing. Genealogy websites and platforms often offer a wide range of tools and resources to help individuals in their quest to trace their ancestry. These resources may include historical records, family trees, DNA testing services, and a wealth of information about various aspects of genealogical research. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just starting your journey to discover your family history, these platforms like Record Click can be invaluable in your quest to learn more about your heritage.
Screen Shot of Bush Family TNG page
Chuck has also integrated discussion forums into his site, using another type of software for running forums. Other than the TNG and forums, everything you see on Chuck’s site is WordPress.
Chuck tells me he does not use the TNG WordPress Plugin, but has done the integration himself. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your site with us!

TNG Stories: Siblings Reunited!

Your TNG Story

Today we introduce a new type of feature: TNG Stories. These are stories of how your TNG web site has helped your make friends, learn more about your family, and advance your family history work. We hope this is the first of many TNG Stories! We have one more in the pipeline, but we are always looking for more. If you have a TNG story you would like to share, please email andrea@lythgoes.net with the details! And now, on to today’s incredible story, from TNG User Roger Mitchell:

Roger writes:

“Back in March, I was successful in bringing together 2 siblings that had been separated for 75 years!

A distant relative found my TNG website and contacted me regarding researching her family. I drove the 100 miles to visit the family and met this elderly lady who was clearly distressed. I discovered that the elderly lady (Rose) thought she had a brother but had no idea if he was still living or whether he was even in the UK.

I made it my goal to try and find out what happened to him and through my website and several other sources I was able to locate him. They were reunited at the BBC TV studios in Southampton, England and the story was broadcast on TV and Radio.

Some weeks after this event, I was contacted by TwoFour Ltd., (a film company) as they had been tasked by Genes Reunited to film the story for their YouTube channel.

Part 1 tells their story and part 2 tells mine. They are only a few minutes long. There is even a brief shot of my TNG website. So, in no small tribute to TNG, here are the 2 videos. I hope they bring cheer to all.”

You can see Roger’s TNG site here. Thank you Roger, for sharing your TNG Story. It definitely brought cheer to Darrin and I, and we hope it brings it to our readers, too!

New version: TNG 9.2.2

A small update (9.2.2) is now available on the TNG 9 downloads page. If you already have 9.0.0 or higher, this is a free upgrade. A complete list of changes can be found at the bottom of the downloads page.

Most of the changes are small bug fixes, but there are a few minor enhancements as well. The most significant of those is the ability to reuse deleted IDs. This will be especially beneficial to those who have imported small GEDCOM files from other sources, only to find that the ID numbers used in that file were very large, thus causing all new ID numbers to be in the same range.

As for how it’s done, TNG will now search from 1 to find the first available ID number (before it always took the higher number and added 1). When it finds an unused ID, it will store that number in a cookie, so that it doesn’t have to check as many numbers much next time. That does mean of course that if your cookie is at 100 and you delete person 50, TNG will not find that slot until you clear your cookies again.

As usual, please remember to follow the upgrade instructions, and take care not to install the full version if you’re trying just to upgrade. 🙂