TNG 10 Features Preview: One week to go!


Only one week to go until TNG10 is available in a special presale for RootsTech attendees! If you can’t be at RootsTech, you will have to wait another week.

Today’s featured spotlight is another simple one that makes things easier. No more doing the math to figure out how old an ancestor lived! If a person’s birth and death years are known, the person’s age will now be displayed under their name on the individual page, next to their birth/death years. Age will also be displayed for spouse, parents, and children when birth and death years are known. Attention to little details like this is what makes TNG stand out from other web site options.



3 thoughts on “TNG 10 Features Preview: One week to go!

  1. This is a welcome addition. I am pretty slow with math in my head, so this is appreciated.
    Looking forward to TNG 10

  2. Almost the same. The only difference is that there will not be a separate event line for age. I didn’t include that because I thought it was redundant with the age already appearing at the top of the page. Other people listed on the page (parents, spouses, children) will also have their age listed there if they meet the same criteria.

    It will not show the age for living persons unless the user is logged in with rights to see living information.

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