TNG10 Feature Preview of the day


Continuing our previews of the upcoming features in TNG10, today looks at a small but useful change to the media upload page. The Media “Upload” page will now show a green check mark next to each uploaded image to show that everything for that image has already been saved. If the title or description is then edited, the check will change to a “Save” button. Once the Save button is clicked, the changes will be saved and the mark will once again be displayed. This should make it much easier for admins to see what is and is not yet saved.

TNG Upload Page Improvements

TNG 10: It’s coming!


TNG 10 will be available soon!

RootsTech attendees will be able to buy TNG10 in a special presale at our expo booth only (we’re booth 318!) regular sales online will begin the following week, after we’ve had a chance to recover from RootsTech.

We’ll be counting down the 10 days until TNG is available for the first time here on the blog.

Today’s new feature is…

Mobile Friendly Versions!


Watch for more specifics when TNG10 goes live.

Every day between now and RootsTech, we will be teasing a new feature of TNG, so stay tuned!

New version: TNG 9.2.2

A small update (9.2.2) is now available on the TNG 9 downloads page. If you already have 9.0.0 or higher, this is a free upgrade. A complete list of changes can be found at the bottom of the downloads page.

Most of the changes are small bug fixes, but there are a few minor enhancements as well. The most significant of those is the ability to reuse deleted IDs. This will be especially beneficial to those who have imported small GEDCOM files from other sources, only to find that the ID numbers used in that file were very large, thus causing all new ID numbers to be in the same range.

As for how it’s done, TNG will now search from 1 to find the first available ID number (before it always took the higher number and added 1). When it finds an unused ID, it will store that number in a cookie, so that it doesn’t have to check as many numbers much next time. That does mean of course that if your cookie is at 100 and you delete person 50, TNG will not find that slot until you clear your cookies again.

As usual, please remember to follow the upgrade instructions, and take care not to install the full version if you’re trying just to upgrade. 🙂