Thank you all for your support!

TNG Readers Choice AwardThanks to many, many TNG users, The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding was the winner of 2013 Best Tool for Putting Your Family Tree Online. The voting was not even close, with TNG taking roughly half the votes and the other half split between four other options. Thank you all so much for your support!

Readers Choice Voting

3 thoughts on “Thank you all for your support!

  1. Well done Darrin. I voted and thought you would win as I have been using your software for over 10 years, in fact I think I purchased my 1st copy soon after 2001? Its been a great tool to display my research and enrich my members time on the site.
    Prior to using TNG I had tried several options that all failed to achieve what I needed. Basically you have created a user friendly piece of software that makes Genealogy a pleasure to put on the Internet.
    Keep up all your great work and I look forward to future upgrades, that have allways been another leap forward in automating genealogy for everyone who uses it for their site and for the public in general.

    Thanks again

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