TNG10 Feature Previews


Looking forward to seeing all our users at RootsTech! Stop by our booth and be among the first to upgrade to TNG10.

Today we are highlighting another simple change that makes the TNG experience so much easier. TNG10 now allows admins to export just a specific branch, and has the option to exclude or include living or private people. Your Site. Your Choice.


TNG 10 Features Preview: One week to go!


Only one week to go until TNG10 is available in a special presale for RootsTech attendees! If you can’t be at RootsTech, you will have to wait another week.

Today’s featured spotlight is another simple one that makes things easier. No more doing the math to figure out how old an ancestor lived! If a person’s birth and death years are known, the person’s age will now be displayed under their name on the individual page, next to their birth/death years. Age will also be displayed for spouse, parents, and children when birth and death years are known. Attention to little details like this is what makes TNG stand out from other web site options.



TNG10 Feature Preview of the day


Continuing our previews of the upcoming features in TNG10, today looks at a small but useful change to the media upload page. The Media “Upload” page will now show a green check mark next to each uploaded image to show that everything for that image has already been saved. If the title or description is then edited, the check will change to a “Save” button. Once the Save button is clicked, the changes will be saved and the mark will once again be displayed. This should make it much easier for admins to see what is and is not yet saved.

TNG Upload Page Improvements

TNG 10: It’s coming!


TNG 10 will be available soon!

RootsTech attendees will be able to buy TNG10 in a special presale at our expo booth only (we’re booth 318!) regular sales online will begin the following week, after we’ve had a chance to recover from RootsTech.

We’ll be counting down the 10 days until TNG is available for the first time here on the blog.

Today’s new feature is…

Mobile Friendly Versions!


Watch for more specifics when TNG10 goes live.

Every day between now and RootsTech, we will be teasing a new feature of TNG, so stay tuned!

Featured User: Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes submitted his site to be a featured TNG user this month: The Cocks and Baker Genealogy. Like many TNG users, his site is his primary repository for all of his information. TNG *is* his main genealogy program, so he is able to simplify maintaining his information and sharing it in the same program. He’s done quite a bit to customize his front page, including a nice sliding banner at the top that keeps his site name constant but changes through various photos and documents in the background. Each image has a small caption that appears, describing what you are seeing. It’s a nice and unique way to add interest to the landing page.

Rotating Header Genealogy Site

The site is chock full of media, Mark has documented his work with many photos and scanned documents. The media dropdown in his menu bar makes it easy to navigate the various types of media he has collected.

Mark has also created a custom statistics page that pulls from the TNG database to display interesting bits of information, like activity from this day in history, surnames, birth years, places, etc.

Genealogy Site Stats Page

Mark has also created a vertical display for the pedigree chart. Right now this is available as a mod for TNG, but it will (with Mark’s permission) be integrated into the soon to be released version 10 of TNG. It is a nice way of displaying the pedigree in a vertical rather than horizontal orientation.

Genealogy Site Vertical Pedigree Chart

Thank you, Mark for sharing your well done site with us!

WordPress Hints

Thinking of integrating TNG into your WordPress installation? The advantage of that is that users who need to log into both environments only have to do it once. Anyway, if you need some hints on how to do it, you might try one of these resources:

Kloosterman-websiteHow I made my TNG-WP site
Cees Kloosterman discusses how he went about the integration. According to Cees, the great advantage of his method is that you are not restricted to the one sidebar theme layout. Any theme design (1, 2, no sidebars, menu anywhere) will work.

Using TNG and WordPress with the tng-wordpress-plugin
A very thorough approach by Roger Moffat, detailed on the TNG Wiki. In fact, scroll down a bit to see a full write-up on Roger’s site right here on this blog.

Anyone know of any others? Please post them in the comments here.

Map of TNG Users

tngmapTwo TNG users from Germany, Olaf Teige and Martin Pannier, have started putting together a map of TNG users. As you can imagine, it’s heavily weighted toward people from their neighborhood at the moment. It would be great to see who else is out there. If you’d like to add yourself to the map, please send an email to and include your location (city, state/province and country), along with your name and site URL. Let’s see how many pins we can get!

New “TNG Colouring Book”

a25ReklamThere’s a new TNG template-editing tool (just released today) that you might want to check out. It’s called the “TNG Colouring Book”, and the link is

It’s written by TNG user Erik Hoppe, and basically it allows you to more easily customize the color scheme of your TNG template. You select a template, then click on the area of the screen that you want to customize. A small legend area on the right shows you what area(s) you’ve selected (you can also select an area with the radio buttons under the legend).

Once you have an area selected, use the controls along the bottom to change the colors or just tinker with the RGB values. When you’ve got something, you can use the Test features to see how it looks on a real page, and when you’re happy with the result, click “Make CSS” and it will spit out the code for you to paste in your template’s mytngstyle.css file (specific instructions are included at the top of the code).

Very cool, if you ask me. It’s also free, although if you’re able to make good use of this tool, Erik would appreciate any donation you can throw his way.

Go take a look! Thanks Erik!

Tutorial: Basic Customization of Template 8

TNG comes with eleven templates included with the software. Template 8 is a popular one that is a good example of how easy it is to make the template your own. Here’s one example of how a TNG user has customized the template:

Template Adapted

This diagram shows the many things that can be customized in this template:

Template 8 Customization

We will go through each of these and how you can adjust them:

TemplateChoiceFirst, you log in as the administrator, and click into the Administration area. Choose “Settings” on the left side of the Admin Area, and then you’ll see the option of “Template Settings”, you’ll click on that. Then you will see a place where you can choose the template you want to work with from the drop down menu. We’re working with template 8 today. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see this screen, which I’ve numbered to match the example above so that you can see which item adjusts which area of the template. Scroll down for details on how to adjust each area:

Template 8 Settings 1

#1 Header Image – this needs to be one image. In the template, several different photos were combined into one file for the header. If you have a photo editing program, you can combine several images in a similar way, or you could just use one image. A wide image that is not very tall works best. For this template, the header image needs to be 778 X 73 pixels.

#2 Welcome Paragraph – This is a place where you can use whatever text you would like to welcome users to your site. It’s a good place to introduce yourself, briefly summarize your research, or invite users to register on the site. The photo that accompanies the welcome paragraph will be a random image selected from the public images on your site and will change every time you load the page. You can use HTML in this area to add links, additional images, or other features. The “Create Copy In” is where you can create other versions of your welcome page in other languages. You can have as many versions as you have languages enabled. If you don’t speak other languages, you can just skip this and your welcome paragraph will always display in the language you use for the first version.

#3 Latest News This is an area where you can update it with any information you would like. It is something you would go in and write, kind of like a miniature blog. We recommend removing old entries so it doesn’t get too long and unwieldy.

#4-6 Name of your site – this is a title where the default is three words strung together with the middle word in a different color. You can change the wording to read anything you would like. If you only want two words, leave one box empty.

#7 Subtitle of your site – this goes underneath the name of your site, and you can make it say anything you want. We recommend a short and memorable tag line.

Scroll down farther and you’ll see the rest of the template options:

Template 2 options 8

#8 (and 11) Mom’s Side Label – This is the text that will display in the left sidebar. It could say “Mom’s Side” or you can change it to say a specific surname, the first name of the wife in the couple running the site, whatever works for you and your situation. Again, there is a “Create Copy In” area where you can make copies of this custom text for any different languages you want to use.

#9 (and 12) Mom’s Side Person ID – this is the ID of the person you want this particular link to go to when the link is clicked. Clicking this link will take the person to a pedigree chart beginning with this person.

#10 (and 13) Mom’s side tree ID – Enter the tree ID here. (You can find the tree ID by looking in the Admin area under “Trees”.) Some people have their whole site in one tree, some have set up multiple trees. Make sure you use the right tree.

# 11-13 are the same as the last three, but with the other side of the family.

#14-15 Side Names – These are subtitles for the different sides. You can use them however you want, but the most common use is to list the two most common surnames in that side. You can just leave these blank if you don’t want subtitles.

Last but certainly not least, do not forget to press the SAVE button before leaving the page!