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Complete List of Changes in TNG 13

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  1. Admin: Admin pages will now use the same doctype variable that the public pages use.
  2. Admin: The general admin delete-and-select utility will now return a more appropriate message ("All items were successfully deleted").
  3. Admin: The "on save" radio buttons at the bottom of many Admin pages have been converted to multiple submit buttons (should result in one less click each time).
  4. Admin: The Admin menu will no longer use an HTML "frameset". The layout will be the same, but it will use fixed DIVs instead.
  5. Admin: The left-side menu on the Admin page can now slide in and out (and TNG will remember that as you navigate to other pages).
  6. Admin: The Admin login page has been reworked to be more mobile friendly.
  7. Admin: The Admin language switching dropdown has been moved from the top frame to the Important Task section of the main area.
  8. Associations: IDs entered as associations will automatically be uppercased.
  9. Branches: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/Branches page.
  10. Calendar: When calculating the current date, the calendar page was not accounting for the server offset time from the General Settings (fixed).
  11. Calendar: Names appearing in each date square are now sorted alphabetically by name.
  12. Charts: Vertically oriented descendants chart has been added.
  13. Charts: Pedigree and descendant charts can now be dragged to reposition.
  14. Charts: The marriage year will now be shown for each spouse on a person's descendancy chart.
  15. Charts: Photos have been added to the vertical ancestry chart. I recommend changing the box and font sizes in the chart settings (160, 80, 10).
  16. Charts: Family Chart link has been added to end of each family description on the Register and Ahnentafel charts.
  17. Citations: The "copy last citation" was not working in some cases (fixed).
  18. Custom Event Types: The eventtype ID has been added to the Admin/Custom Event Types page.
  19. DNA: A bug was introduced in 12.3 that uppercased the surnames regardless of Uppercase Ancestral Surnames setting (fixed).
  20. DNA: Tables on the comparison page are now sorted by Chromosome/Start in the Largest Segment columns.
  21. Events: Custom events listed for a person/family/source now look more like the standard events above them (you must still click the Edit icon to edit).
  22. Events: Deleting a custom event *Type* will now delete all associated events (with a warning).
  23. Events: The New/Edit Event window is larger, with larger fields.
  24. Events: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/Custom Event Types page.
  25. Export: An option now exists to exclude notes from the GEDCOM export.
  26. Families: Names for both father AND mother will now be shown on the Admin/Families page.
  27. Families: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/Families page.
  28. Fan Chart: Names longer than 3 lines will now be condensed to 1st and last names only.
  29. Fan Chart: The chart was overflowing its boundaries and causing scroll bars to appear when not needed (fixed).
  30. File Picker: A real-time search box has been added to the "file picker" page to narrow the results on that page
  31. Firefox: A change in the default behavior of the Firefox browser now prevents TNG from closing windows it opens. A message telling the user how to correct this behavior will now be displayed when the problem occurs.
  32. First Names: In some places these pages were showing all given names as the "first" name (fixed).
  33. IDs: New faster method of finding the next ID, using SQL instead of cookies. Contributed by Butch Thompson.
  34. Import: For media, the _PLAC and _PLACE fields will now map to the "place taken" field in TNG during import.
  35. Import: The text on the Import page now tells the users that zip files can be imported.
  36. Import: For individuals, the "P" prefix will now be swapped for an "I" if configured.
  37. Import: A warning message has been placed on the import page to advise users to back up before proceeding.
  38. Import: When a burial "fact" is present on the BURI line, that info will be prepended to the burial place.
  39. Import: If a marriage is less than X years old (configured on the Import Settings page) and no living flag is supplied, the family will be marked as living.
  40. Import: The following proprietary level 2 NAME tags will now be imported as custom events: _ADPN (adopted), _HEBN (hebrew), _CENN (census), _MARNM (married), _FRKA (formerly), _RELN (religious), _CALL (called), _OTHN (other).
  41. Import: A bug was introduced in 12.3 that would not allow a "Y" to be imported for the death date (fixed).
  42. Import/Export: Code added to disable gzipping and turn on implicit flush when allowed.
  43. Import: Latitude and longitude information were sometimes not being imported even when present (fixed).
  44. Logs: A dropdown on the Admin change log now allows an admin to show all changes made by a certain user.
  45. Logs: The username and description will both be listed with each entry in the Admin change log, along with a link to that user's account page.
  46. Logs: A dropdown on the public log page now allows the entries to be displayed by tree.
  47. Media: Image tagging is now vastly improved. No more HTML image maps (although existing image maps will still work).
  48. Media: A "Last Modified" column has been added to the Admin/Media page.
  49. Media: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/Media page.
  50. Media: Media can now be made "private" (only seen by users with rights to see private data).
  51. Media: When media is flagged as living or private, the description and title will now be hidden as well.
  52. Media: The "Owner/Source" label has been changed to "Owner of original" to prevent it from being confused with regular sources.
  53. Media: An option on Admin/Media allows the list to be restricted to only items without a thumbnail.
  54. Media: For thumbnails, the "Create from original" option is now the default.
  55. Media: Each media file name is now visible on the Admin/Media page.
  56. Media: New and updated media "places" will now be saved in Places table.
  57. Media: The option to move media linked to trees into folders named after those trees did not always work (fixed).
  58. Media: Headstones will now be pinned on the Google map on the cemetery page.
  59. Media: PDFs will now be embedded within the TNG page like images (instead of downloading the images or opening them in a separate app).
  60. Media: Media in text file format will now be embedded within the TNG page like images (instead of downloading the images or opening them in a separate app).
  61. Media: Users with rights to edit media will now see an edit link on the public media list pages that will take them directly to the Admin/Edit Media page for that item.
  62. Media: Captions for preview images would not display if a port number was required for the database connection because it was not available at the right point (fixed).
  63. Media: A bug was introduced in 12.3 that would cause a database error if the search criteria on the media page included quotes (fixed).
  64. Media: If an error occurs while trying to create a thumbnail, a fatal error will no longer be produced.
  65. Media: Added rounded corners and shadows for all thumbnails in Admin area.
  66. Merge: Merging two people was not combining the DNA Tests for both individuals (fixed).
  67. Merge: Christening date and place added to possible match criteria on People/Merge page (unless christening disabled).
  68. Miscellaneous: Users with "editor" rights for a single tree will now have access to the Data Validation portion of the Admin/Miscellaneous section.
  69. Mobile: TNG's dropdown menus will be displayed in two columns if too many entries exist (mobile only).
  70. PHP: Many code tweaks have been made to keep TNG compatible with upcoming versions of PHP.
  71. PHP: Many more changes have been made to prevent PHP warnings and "notice" errors (most the time only visible in server logs).
  72. Pedigree: The info dropdown will now appear when the mouse pointer is held over any part of the name box.
  73. People: The death date and place have been added to Admin/People page.
  74. People: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/People page.
  75. People: The layout of the Admin/People page has been restructured to be more compact, and so death info could also be shown
  76. People: People's "default" photos will now be placed next to their names on the Admin/People page. It is also possible to click through to edit the photo. If the person has photos but no default, the option to choose one will be presented.
  77. Places: When saving a place name, the place fields in other tables will no longer be updated unless the value has changed.
  78. Places: After deleting places from the list of all unlinked places, the flow will now return to the unlinked list again.
  79. Places: Fields for last modified date and user have been added to the places table.
  80. Places: An option has been added for each individual place to permanently ignore that place when doing bulk geocoding.
  81. Places: Some links to place names containing an "&" character were incorrect (fixed).
  82. Places: Notes on the public Place page are no longer truncated.
  83. Register/Ahnentafel: The Register & Ahnentafel reports will now only use marriage verbiage if the couple was married.
  84. Register/Ahnentafel: Cremation events were still showing as "burial" on these reports (fixed).
  85. Repositories: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/Repositories page.
  86. Search: An option now exists to search for people with "no branch" in a tree.
  87. Security: Cross-site scripting vulnerability removed from TNG Captcha form.
  88. Settings: An option now allows admins to allow or disallow comments from the "Suggest" page.
  89. Settings: An option now allows admins to turn the person/family "Living" box on or off by default for new people & families.
  90. Settings: Events can now be sorted either by date (default) or by their order number and event type
  91. Settings: An option now exists to turn off CSV report downloads.
  92. Settings: Unless specifically entered, the Root Path value will now be calculated dynamically.
  93. Settings: An extra "Save" button has been added to the right side of each collapsible section of the General and Chart Settings pages. The extra Save button already on the Template Settings page has been moved to the right side.
  94. Sources: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/Sources page.
  95. Surnames/First Names/Places: The alphabetic links will now be listed at the top of each "one-letter" page.
  96. Templates: A new template (#19) from Genealogy Web Templates (GWT) has been added to TNG's list of free designs.
  97. Templates: Support has also been added for 10 other new premium templates from GWT.
  98. Templates: A variation of Template #4 has been added as Template #20, which uses DIVs instead of tables for layout (courtesy of Ken Roy, with help from Michel Kirsch, Ron Krzmarzick, and Steven Davis).
  99. Third Party Libraries: JQuery has been updated to 3.4.1.
  100. Third Party Libraries: TFPDF has been updated to 1.3.1.
  101. Users: The layout on the Admin/Users page has been simplified (some columns removed from display).
  102. Users: Sorting has been added to some of the columns on the Admin/Users page.
  103. Users: The Admin/Users list can now be filtered to show only disabled users.
  104. Users: The username is now case sensitive when logging in.
  105. Users: The exclusions on the Log Settings page were no longer being honored with respect to new user registrations (fixed).

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