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Complete List of Changes in TNG 14

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  1. Admin: The "Save + Stay" and "Save + Exit buttons are now fixed and floating in the top right corner of most Admin edit pages so they can be clicked from anywhere.
  2. Admin: The design of the Admin home page has been overhauled. Redundant menus and extra verbiage were removed.
  3. Admin: The Admin menu now includes a banner of rotating images and is powered only by CSS.
  4. Admin: The number of installed mods is now displayed on the Admin home page as part of the Mod Manager menu block. If some mods are uninstalled, the number will be presented as a fraction.
  5. Admin: If the user arrives at an Admin page, makes a change, and then saves while closing the Admin tab/window, the parent tab/window will be reloaded.
  6. Albums: If no albums exist, the Albums menu item will be hidden. If an album is added, it will come back.
  7. Associations: Deleting an association will also delete the same association for the other person.
  8. Charts: Zoom-related icons will now have associated "alt" messages.
  9. Charts: Zoom and drag functions have been added to several more charts.
  10. Family Chart: Hint messages have been added to the top of the family chart.
  11. Citations: Components will now be listed in the order of author, short title, publisher.
  12. Citations: It is now possible to link a new/existing citation to more than one event at the same time. This creates a copy of the citation for each event.
  13. Custom Event Types: The labels for this function have been changed to "Event / Attribute Types" to recognize that it applies to both (TNG makes no internal distinction).
  14. Dates: The "years/age" functions will now show just "1 year" (instead of "1 years") if the total is just one.
  15. Descendants: Jim Graham's Table of Descendants mod has been incorporated. Visitors will see a "Tables" option on the Descendants tab.
  16. DNA: A paragraph describing the DNA Test section has been added to General Settings help screen.
  17. DNA: The "Hide DNA" setting will now hide DNA tests and menu items in both the public and the Admin area.
  18. Events: You will now see a list of people/families with a particular event/attribute when you click on the number at the right end of the row under Admin/Event / Attribute Types.
  19. Events: The Other Events sections of the Admin People/Families/Sources/Repositories pages has been streamlined to look like the standard events. Clicking on the fields opens an advanced edit window.
  20. Export: It is now possible to export a GEDCOM file and actual media files together in a zip file from the Admin Export page.
  21. Fan Charts: Birth and death years are now displayed on the fan chart.
  22. Fonts: Google fonts are now hosted locally to comply with European regulations.
  23. General Settings: The Backups and GEDCOM folders can now be designated as residing in the "config" path (you must manually move the folders).
  24. Headstones: "Moved" has been added as a location status option.
  25. Heatmap: Now uses a "whole word match" when showing the map for place name (so strings like "USA" don't also match unrelated places like "JerUSAlam").
  26. Import: SNOTES are now supported (GEDCOM 7.0).
  27. Import: Media can now be included in and imported from a zip or gdz file. Zipped media files will be extracted to the Photos folder. Subfolder structures will be maintained (GEDCOM 7.0).
  28. Import: SDATE dates (sorting) are now supported (GEDCOM 7.0).
  29. Import: The import process has been upgraded. Unresponsiveness issues have been addressed, and "resume" operations will be seamless.
  30. Import: A warning message about prefixes & import settings has been added to the Import page
  31. Installation: New users may now choose their preferred table prefix (still defaults to "tng_").
  32. Log Settings: Log files can now be designated as residing in the config path (you must manually move the folders).
  33. Login: Users can click a small "eye" icon next to the password field to reveal or hide the password they've entered.
  34. Logs: Log pages (both public and admin) will now be shown in column form (new log entries only).
  35. Media: The max size for which thumbnails can be generated from an image has been upped from 1Mb to 5Mb.
  36. Media: A "try/catch" has been placed around single media uploads for more "graceful" failures when something goes wrong.
  37. Media: If a custom media collection has no icon, the one for photos will be used instead of nothing.
  38. Media: A new media record can no longer be created if there is no title or description.
  39. Media: On non-headstone pages, the cemetery will always be a dropdown. It has been separated from the checkboxes below to make the area less confusing.
  40. Media: In the cemetery selection box, the cemeteries will now be listed by name first and location second, in alphabetical order.
  41. Media: On the Upload page, users can now choose a cemetery for each headstone (or all selected).
  42. Media: Image tag captions will now be centered and hang over on both the right and left if necessary.
  43. Media: Image tags may now point to places, families, sources, repos and citations (in addition to people). The tree selection defaults to either the tree assigned to the image or the one used for already existing media links.
  44. Media: Image tags can also be just a label (any text or name), which can optionally point to any URL.
  45. Media: When an image with tags is scrolled down on the Admin/Edit Media page, the tags will no longer show on top of admin header.
  46. Media: DOC and DOCX files can now be viewed inline instead of being automatically downloaded (based on Michel Kirsch's "Office Viewer" mod).
  47. Media: An "Info" column has been added to the Browse Media pages (except headstones).
  48. Media: The JIFF extension will now be a recognized image type.
  49. Media: Cemetery photos can now be flagged and recognized as private.
  50. Media: The people, families, sources and repositories in the "Linked to" column will now be live links (same for albums).
  51. Media: TNG's favicon has been updated for newer browsers and mobile devices. If you have a custom favicon, you must copy it into the img/public (for public pages) and/or the img/admin folder (for admin pages).
  52. Media: Entries on the Admin/Media and Admin/Albums pages now have clickable links to the entities linked to each item.
  53. Menus: The public dropdown menus will no longer break in a strange place when the page is made smaller.
  54. Menus: The language dropdown has been moved below the Find/Media/Info menus.
  55. Mod Manager: The source code has been restructured to improve the Mod Manager internal structure. New diagnostic error prefix is included on messages in Mod List.
  56. Mod Manager: Michel Kirsch's "Analyze only install mods" mod has been incorporated.
  57. Mod Manager: Tabs moved to classes/ to eliminate code duplication in each module.
  58. Mod Manager: Fixed-position header now applies to all screens and includes the table column header line.
  59. Notes: A "private" indicator will be shown on the notes popup for each private note displayed there.
  60. Notes: When opening a new or existing note box, the focus will be in note box to begin with.
  61. Notes: The rich text editor to has been added to the Notes field on Admin/Places forms.
  62. PDFs: Pedigree chart boxes will now have rounded corners.
  63. PDFs: Page titles that included UTF-8 characters were being incorrectly displayed in the browser's PDF viewer (fixed).
  64. Pedigree: The vertical pedigree will now include up-arrows and links where more ancestors exist.
  65. Pedigree: The vertical pedigree boxes will now match the boxes on the vertical descendant chart (size & orientation; Ken Roy's "Fix Verticalchart Photos" mod).
  66. People: Alternate genders can now be entered on the Admin/People pages.
  67. People: A list of acceptable "alternate birth event types" can now be maintained in the settings, and users may choose the alternate birth event for each individual from the Edit Person page.
  68. People: It is now possible to copy a person from one tree to another (instead of just moving them).
  69. PHP 8.1: Many updates were made in various pages to prevent warnings and "notice" errors specific to PHP 8 and 8.1.
  70. Places: The place search icon now has a bigger click area.
  71. Places: The place description can now be edited with the rich text editor.
  72. Place Merge: Places listed are now links. Users may click to edit each place in a new tab or window. Changes will be reflected in the parent tab/window after saving.
  73. Reports: The Custom SQL box has been enlarged.
  74. Reports: The report builder interface has been redesigned to be more modern, easier to use, and more functional on mobile.
  75. Relationship: The Relationship tab has been supplemented by an advanced relationship/connection search, powered by the Connections mod (by Michal Jarocinski).
  76. SEO: A small amount of JSON-LD markup has been added to the individual page to aid with search engine optimization.
  77. Search engines: Structured data elements have been added to getperson.php in metadata form to provide search engines with an unambiguous description of what is on the person page.
  78. Search: Most fields have been widened on the Advanced Search pages.
  79. Search: Other events list starts off as collapsed, but the form remembers ones you have used before and sorts those at the top (with the option to unremember them).
  80. Search: The submit button is now fixed so you never have to scroll to find it.
  81. Secondary Processes: The name has been changed to "Post-import Utilities".
  82. Sources: The number of citations for a source will now be shown on the page for that source.
  83. Statistics: An entry for Total Source Citations has been added.
  84. CSS/Style: The size and font of most form fields has been increased to 14px.
  85. CSS/Style: Rounded corners and extra padding have been added to most tables. A drop shadow has been added on some tables.
  86. CSS/Style: An unintended drop shadow has been removed from the Admin menu text.
  87. Templates: In Template 19, the color contrast for some menu items has been increased.
  88. Templates: In Template 4, a blank line has been added between key menu groups to make the list more readable.
  89. Third Party Libraries: PHPmailer has been updated to version 6.6.4 (compatible with PHP 8.1).
  90. Trees: Check boxes on the Admin/Trees page now allow multiple trees to be deleted at once.
  91. Upgrades: The upgrade will now direct you to the Admin menu to complete any operations that require a click. A message about this operation with instructions will be automatically displayed until they have been performed. When the operations have been completed, the upgrade files can be removed and the message will no longer appear.
  92. Upgrades: An entry will be written to the admin log during upgrade operations to record the action.
  93. Users: When a user requests a new password, they will first receive a link in an email that they need to click to get the password sent to them.
  94. Users: The "stay logged in" option will now work when used with password reset box checked (bug fix).
  95. Users/Email: Admins will now have the option to send email to users for just one tree, OR to users assigned to that tree AND users without any tree assignment, OR just to users without a tree assignment.
  96. Users: Users entering a new password will be prompted to enter the new password a 2nd time, then a message will be returned saying the password was changed successfully. If the user does not have rights to change the password, an error message will be shown.
  97. Utilities: Backups can now be created as SQL files (the old method will still be supported). They can also be downloaded with a download icon. Backups may also include DROP and CREATE table directives. A restore operation may be made to drop all existing records or not.
  98. Validation: On the Data Validation page, the last tree selected will be remembered.

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