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"I've dabbled in web design for decades, and I can say with complete confidence that Darrin has created a masterpiece in this TNG platform. The detail, time and passion that is obvious in this software is a work of artistry. You will find no simpler installation process on the internet. The functionality, layout, and features command a MUCH higher price point than you pay. Thank you sir. Well done!"
— John Tanner,

"Nothing even comes close to the capabilities and polish of TNG. If you're still wondering what genealogy software you should be using, stop looking and get TNG right away. As if all of this wasn't enough, the price and support make the package almost unbelievable."
— David Multer,

"Whenever anyone asks me about the software I use for the website, I always include that tech support is amazing, whether straight from you or via other users on the email list serve, the FB group or the TNG forum."
— Lisa Albert, Our Allison Family

"The best thing I have ever done in my genealogical search is investing in TNG. I get lots of people looking at my website and contacting me. TNG gives me the ability to help others who are researching my family."
— Rita Wallace, Arkansas Connections

"I have been researching and gathering genealogy information on my family for over 35 years. During that time I have tried every genealogy site and TNG is clearly the winner. The flexibility, features and overall design is the best I have come across. The fact that I can share my family tree with family members so easily has to be one of the best features, and it doesn't matter if the family member is using a PC or a Mac, a desktop or smartphone. TNG works without the need of having to purchase additional software. However, the number one benefit of using TNG is the outstanding customer service Darrin Lythgoe provides his clients. In my opinion TNG is the best genealogy product on the market today. No matter your skill level or the hardware you use, TNG Works! Thank you Darrin for your stellar customer service."
—Bob Fleege, FPDD - One Family, Many Trees

"I have used the TNG software since 2010. I can't say enough good about the program, customer service, and value. I am always getting compliments on how beautiful my websites are. It is easy for my users to look things up and to find exciting gems of information. I love that I can control who makes changes to my genealogical information so that I can prevent people from overwriting well researched information with "gossip history". I love how easy it is to use and customize as a site owner. And the customer service is amazing! After several years of neglect on my part, I had trouble with my websites. I contacted my website hosting company who told me they didn't know enough to fix it and tier 2 wouldn't know anything either. I was on my own. I emailed Darrin at TNG and within a few minutes he responded. He fixed everything in less than a couple hours from my first email. All my websites are working great and none of my data is gone! It was amazing! He is amazing! I recommend TNG genealogy software wholeheartedly for the quality of the software and Darrin's amazing help! I'm on cloud nine today."
— Kerri Harris, Jacobson/Dickson Family, Our Peterson Family History, Harris/Buchanan Family Histories

"Votre logiciel de généalogie web TNG est pratique et intuitif. Vos templates sont très bien faits et faciles à adapter. Bravo pour votre travail. Je l'ai lié en URL externe a mon site réalisé avec Joomla 1.6 et pas de problème de cohabitation entre tables d'une même base de données. Merci."
—Amédée Nivet

"Thanks again for developing such a wonderful genealogy program. I absolutely love it, and I am very picky. I have worked with and on computers for over 20 years now, and I know a great program when I see one. As I've said before, I think it's the best program out there."
— Janet Regan, Schwald Family Genealogy

"You and your team can, in my opinion, never hear enough how wonderful your product is. I have used many methods and programs over the years to maintain and reveal my family tree. None comes close to TNG. I thank you for making my family tree something I am proud of."
—Fred Berardi, Our Mayflower Connection

"I learned of TNG thru a Google search which brought up a website with, what I thought, was one of the "cleanest", most eye-appealing, easy readable, in logical format genealogy sites that I had seen and I have spent hours researching genealogy software and downloading demos only to go back to TNG. I emailed Darrin Lythgoe and he responded immediately. We have exchanged multiple emails since my initial contact with him. I must say, he is a very service-oriented individual and has 'walked' a novice-novice thru the installation process of TNG. He has earned every penny of the software fee. I can't wait to get started."
— Ann Allen, Phoenix, Arizona

"TNG is a great program. I have a DNA project, Smiths DNA, which has been growing rapidly and have outgrown posting trees in static format on a forum. I was looking for a way to display the information in an on-the-fly tree. TNG does that and much more. Besides the charts, ability to add photos, documents and other goodies, I am particularly impressed with being able to assign permissions to people via branches. The branch permissions allow a registered member to edit his or her own tree, without being able to edit anyone else's; others can *suggest* changes. Darrin, the author, has offered extremely good customer service, including patiently assisting me to understand some features. Another great feature is being able to add custom event codes, which, in my case, are DNA kit number and Matched Grouping links. Truly this program lives up to its name of being The Next Generation, and provides an easy and secure way for members to collaborate on trees on the internet."
—Deb Harper, Smiths DNA

"I followed your instructions and was able to create the site in less than two hours. This is beautiful. Thank you very much."
— Uri Sherizly, Israel Cherezli Family Site

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your software. It has been a LONG time since I have found anything so useful and well written. (And I don't just mean genealogy software). Everything is logical and easy to use. I even prefer using your software to my Family Tree Maker local program now - it is so much more powerful. For years I have looked for a good way to present my genealogy data with all the dimensions of time, places, and people. You have managed to do this in an easy to use format. Now I wish there were similar software to organize the rest of my life.... Thank you so much!"
— Liz Riemer, Riemer-Zajicek Genealogy Pages

"TNG is amazing! The installation scripts worked magically. Although it was daunting, I purchased at 5pm and had the site up by bedtime."
— Conrad Sorenson

"I buy lots of software and there is hardly any that works as well as yours and is supported as well as you support it."
— Dave Howard, Horwitz Family

"I would also like to add another 'thank you' for the hard work you put in to making TNG such a wonderful piece of web software - particularly the ease with which it handles the information on the ~200,000 individuals that are currently available to view on the web. Many of my website users (I currently have ~600 subscribers) have been complimentary about how easy it is to find information they are looking for. Keep up the good work!"
— Nic Wilson, Wharfedale & Craven Genealogical Study

"I looked at many genealogy software applications, and the web sites they produce, and just was not impressed. I then stumbled upon your website. I was skeptical at first of using TNG, but at the price of the software, I figured it was worth trying out. Now, I must say I am very happy with my decision to go with TNG. I am simply amazed at everything it can do! I don't think there is another genealogy program out there that even comes close to this. I found the application not overly complicated and the support forum a tremendous help. Thank you for creating this program."
— Bob van Hees, Van Hees Family History

"I love using your software. I have used Family Tree Maker, and I TRIED to use The Master Genealogist and Second Site. Even with my college degree, THAT was a waste of time and money. I scrapped that idea real fast, and started using your's great."
— Stacy Mims, More Than Just A Cemetery

"I have been doing genealogy for decades and could never find the right (easy) way to get my information out there for people to find. With one program, you've solved a problem I've been agonizing over for a very long time. I will, with great joy and heartfelt emotion, endorse your product to all who ask me for advice on setting up a genealogy web site."
— Denise Lemon Knapp, Roots, Branches, Twigs and Leaves

"In 1994 I started with a very basic genealogical site, mainly text. It really took several years to convince me to switch from html to a dynamic setup. My offline information had grown out of proportions with more than 30,000 persons, and I did not want to upgrade my static pages any more. After two major updates (mostly manual work), I was more than convinced to convert to a dynamic site, but how?

In 2005 I discovered TNG and I was pleased with its simplicity. If I had knew that it was all that easy, I would have made the step earlier. But nobody is convinced unless he knows for sure. Darrin helped me with all my questions. I do not know how he manages. He offers TNG at a very low price and includes a superb support. TNG is the best, and I am very pleased that TNG manages my genealogical data online. Thank you Darrin, you're he greatest."
— Rudi Bosschaerts,

"I would like to take a moment to say what a great program your "The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding" is. I have been using databases for this type of application for the past 20 years many I had to make myself, however this is just amazing. It is so versatile and very easy to use. I would also like to thank you for your continued support. I would strongly recommend this program to any one thinking of setting up a family tree online."
— Anthony Coles

"I simply want to let you know what fun I am having utilizing TNG to update our family tree. This is truly a terrific program that has opened up some tremendous avenues for our family to connect again, and record important information. I know of no other program that can do the same. I just want to say THANK YOU."
— Ben Pereira

"I want to tell you what an incredible program you've developed. I've been researching for 20 years but I've resisted putting my work online until I discovered TNG. The pages generated by the popular software programs are nice, but really lacked the functionality I was hoping to find. TNG really addresses all of these issues. Thanks for creating such a treasure!"
— Martin Beerman, Our Family Ancestry: The Family of Martin and Jane Beerman

"TNG is the best and most workable method for improving communication among family members who are working the same genealogy lines.

"TNG cures the ills that overcome us when trying to send actual copies of our databases and numerous scanned images and photos to others who aren't perhaps as computer savvy. Most of us now have too many scanned images to fit on one CD.

"Without TNG I'd have to resort to sending CDs to each of my family members on an annual or semi-annual basis."

"Magnifique découverte que ce logiciel de généalogie à la pointe ! Possibilités innombrables d'adaptations aux besoins individuels de chacun pour l'amateur qui se donne un peu de mal. Même sans y connaitre grand-chose j'ai pu en peu de temps créer mes propres pages. Mises à jour et fonctionnalités supplémentaires apportées pratiquement chaque semaine, et soutien aux utilisateurs d'une gentillesse et efficacité sans égale ! Un vrai pas en avant pour les généalogistes !" (hover for English)
— Francis Amar, Généalogie des Amar de Salonique (login: guest/guest)

"TNG is absolutely the best software out there for those who want to create a personal genealogy web site. It's easy to buy online and download and within minutes you can have a great-looking site. It's totally customizable, offers terrific templates which you can personalize with your own photos and documents, and Darrin Lythgoe offers far and away the best computer support I've ever encountered. As someone who knows the basics about computers and HTML but needs some help along the way, I can vouch for the fact that Darrin is willing and able to spend hours with someone via e-mail. No matter how simple the question, Darrin is there for his customers literally within minutes. You can see his smile right through cyberspace! Thanks for a terrific product at an extremely reasonable price, and I know my family and I will enjoy our site for a long time thanks to TNG!"
— Emily S. Palmer

"As an amateur in both genealogy and technology I have finally found a service that makes genealogy fun! Your recommendation use as a web hosting service combined with your fantastic software and your exceptional support and patience have made it possible to create our website with ease and with a very professional look and feel. I will be forever indebted to you for the promptness of your support and the simple, non-technical approach you have taken with a novice. Many thanks and continued success."
— Don Harrington,

"I _love_ your program! I run an ecommerce site too and always want to know what sold people, so I'll tell you :) : Found from Google, searched something like 'web site genealogy', and I just instantly took a liking to the layout and design, it had the features I wanted (being able to have several users add to it), it was really cheap, and it was updated just this month (week)... So it was an instant sell, but usually I hem and haw over purchases like that. Thanks again!"
— Scott Stafford

"The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© is truly a fantastic tool. I've published my family tree online with several other programs, but none of them matched TNG. Not only is the product itself amazing, but the service is by far the best of any program I've ever purchased. Darrin always responds to my emails extremely promptly.

It only took a few hours to get my site up and running. Not too bad!

Upon his recommendation, I used the same webhost, and was thrilled with what they offered.

I can't compliment Darrin enough. This product is worth far more than what he charges."
— Lawrence Himelfarb,

"I just wanted to let you know that it was so easy to deploy, I really could not believe it. It honestly took me less than 15 minutes this morning to get the files out onto the server, get the correct settings and create the tables. Thanks for the good documentation and well organized program files!""
— Ken Lader

"I just wanted to thank you for this very well put together scripting system. I was up and running on the web with a 7000+ record GEDCOM formatted database in less than an hour. The results look terrific and very professional. Now I don't have to spend hours creating static web pages every time I change anything. It has everything that I have been looking for. Again, thank you!"
— Jeffrey Moore

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you do on this amazing product. I hope you get some satisfaction from it, because I think it's wonderful, and very unique in the world of genealogy. I'm using it as a way to capture everything my dad, and now I, have learned about our family over the years, and hopefully pass it on to the next generation. Because of the unique features of TNG I know the work I'm doing in TNG is not a dead-end and will be transferable to whatever system future generations may use to access their family history. You can't say that about the various, genealogy online services provided today!"
— Greg Comfort, Genealogy of the Comfort and Mallinson Family

"Among all the software vendors that I deal with, you are the best. And you can quote me on that."
— Robert Arens, Luxembourg-American Families

"Your TNG product is outstanding and your personal service, willingness to help, and your patience is truly remarkable.

"I wanted to update the look and feel of our website, so when I saw the new templates from I was excited. I chose one and then worked with Marsha to install it. Marsha was great to work with and so very helpful. I probably needed more help than most but Marsha was great! These are well worth the small price and we love the new look of our site. Check them out!
— Michael Ellis, The Ellis Family

"I just wanted to take a minute to compliment you on TNG. It’s a pleasure to work on my family tree using your software. Since adopting TNG our family records have emerged from a box in the basement. Now everyone has easy and immediate access to our family history. We couldn’t be more pleased. Well done! Thank you!"
— Chris Golding

"I can't thank you enough for your prompt response and support. I work with quick a few programs and I've never had the quality of support from any that even comes close to the support you provide."
— Shirley Richison Fields, My Richison-Wilkerson Research

"We love the TNG software. It is the perfect companion to what we are doing with Ancestral Quest on the desktop. On our line we have 6 separate collaborative AQ databases (separated geographically), and TNG easily brings them all together into one combined view - giving us an overall view of everything we are doing. It is as if you designed it for our purposes. We couldn't be happier. Perfect! I was initially worried about how difficult it would be to pull data from all 6 AQ databases and upload it to TNG. I was so happy when I found that it only takes about 20 minutes to upload the 51,000 people from all six databases. We also love the versatile and powerful search options available in TNG."
— Carvel Whiting, Whiting-Global

"You at TNG are really up to date with what I have read on you before deciding to purchase your software. I have never seen people so dedicated and so helpful. I will continue to promote your software very strongly."
— Jean-Marie Robert, The Robert Families

"I absolutely love this program. I used to use Tufat until it quit working once my internet provider upgraded to php5. Then I tried It is expensive and of course involves monthly charges forever.

I downloaded your program a couple of days ago and it is awesome. I actually find myself getting excited as I drive home from work just thinking about working on it and adding more info to it."
— Tom Saunders,

"I just LOOOOOOVE TNG software and how much more valuable to researchers it's making the Proud to be Parr website, as well as how easy it is to use. What a great "tool" you have designed. I can't thank you enough for keeping your price sooooo low as to make it a "must-have NOW!" kinda' thing ... AND ... your support is OUTSTANDING!"
— Trish Parr, Parr Genealogy

"I had no experience with websites at all prior to using your product. Along with Simply Hosting, I cannot say enough good things about both of you. To be able to upload changes from my database (on Legacy) so easily, and to have access to help when necessary, with no hassle, is worth every penny."
— Anne Brooks,

"I have to say I am impressed with this software! After a few years of dealing with PhpGedView, this is refreshing! Wish I had changed over a few years ago."
— Mark Kosinski, Four Branches of One Great Family

"I love your script! It is simply the best system I've found. Thanks for the excellent work! This is a bargain at twice the price!"
— Paul Alger

"TNG le ha dado a Genealogia Familiar una plataforma avanzada para crear, editar y publicar en la web una página genealógica que le hace justicia a la rica historia de nuestros antepasados. La habilidad de sumar retratos, mapas, fuentes, documentos y notas biográficas, hace que la ficha de cada persona pueda ser mucho más que un frio listado de nombres y fechas. Al mismo tiempo, las herramientas disponibles para trabajar de forma verdaderamente colaborativa, usando la web como punto de encuentro para que muchas personas puedan realizar tareas administrativas de varios niveles, es fundamental para un trabajo de la magnitud del nuestro. Nuestro agradecimiento a Darrin por haber ideado, creado y mantenido este software!"
— Alfonso Beccar Varela, Genealogía Familiar

"Thanks for such a great program! It is really quite versatile and flexible and allows a lot of personalization in what is included. I tell everyone I can about it!"
— Shauna Fairbanks, Fairbanks Family in the West

"This is perhaps the best-designed, best-written, best-documented software I own."
— William Bisbee, A Bisbee Family History

"I am absolutely delighted with your program. It lends itself marvellously well to dealing with my 29 unlinked Masterton trees (effectively a one-name study), but by having a search facility that bridges across all of them. The great thing about TNG is that, with a basic knowledge of html, the look of the pages can be altered to allow visual integration with any site format. Well done indeed."
— Gordon Masterton, The Masterton Family

"Ce logiciel de généalogie sur internet n'a pas de concurrent, mais par dessus tout le support est rapide et sans faille. Darrin good job!"

[English] "This internet genealogy software has no competitor, but above all, you can count on a fast and reliable support. Darrin, good job!"
— Gaspard de Chérisey,

"I bought your script a couple of years ago. So far I've managed to get some of my Family members to help me manage it. With your script it's really very simple! Actually, I'm recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks again for such an awesome program!"
— Robert Bajan, Drzewo Genealogiczne

"Thanks for such an awesome program! It was my brother's dream before he died that he establish something like this. I'm so glad I now have the opportunity to make this happen."
— Reginald Finley Sr.,

"Great program, already set it up and was running in no time. You should be charging a lot more for this. I looked through over 3500 sourceforge projects and nothing compares."
— Jeff Legault, St. Columban - Irish

"I have had more contacts from my TNG site in the three months since I set it up than in three years on my previous website. My data has gone straight to the top of Google searches, and all without any effort on my part. This software is awesome and your excellent support is much appreciated."
— Caroline Gurney

"I bought the latest version of your software last week and created a site for my mother's Family Tree data. I am still amazed at the quality of the code, the flexibility of the design, and the overall ease of use. I am still tweaking the site, but it went from concept to fully operational in about 4 hours using the TNG5 and one of your templates."
— Michael Jones, JonesTrace Genealogy

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing a program as wonderful as TNG! I have been collecting information about my family for around five years now and have been searching for the perfect program to have all the information available online. I think I found it with TNG! I just purchased and installed it around 48 hours ago and I already have family members checking my site and making contributions for suggestions and corrections. Everyone is very pleased that I have the info up finally.

"The installation process was easy, and I am amazed at the number of features TNG has. I am completely addicted. Thank you again for the time you have put into programming this application and it is so well worth the $30. Thanks!"
— Taneya Koonce, Koonce/Robinson/McClellan Family History and Ancestry

"I would like to thank you for an excellent product. I have been working with computers for over 30 years, much of that time in a testing or support environment doing break/fix. It is always a great pleasure to work with software that actually does what it advertises and does it well."
— Pat Buckman

"This is still the most awesome web genealogy program ever created for those of us that are somewhat computer language challenged. "
— Tim Gage

"Just thought I'd let you know that I REALLY appreciate all your hard work on TNG! It is about too easy to get up and running. I love the photo and report capabilities best."
— Jeff Grantham, Grantham/Wise Genealogy Pages

"My genealogy web site has been up since 1996, and I would like to thank you for developing a program for genealogy web sites. Over the years I have looked for a program that would make my life easier instead of opening a HTML editor, coping and pasting. I have tried other programs, but was not satisified with the final results. The Next Generation works GREAT! just upload and go. Changes to my database are faster and lots of time is saved to do other things. Keep up the good work and thank you again."
— William Reynolds

"With less than 2 hours or so of work today, and even before my new domain name is effective, I already have:

1) created gedcoms for 2 trees totalling 8200 individuals
2) uploaded and imported them into TNG
3) tested photos successfully ftp'd from my desktop
4) able to view, edit, with different users set up through your interface

All of this only 15-16 clock hours after downloading TNG, signing up with ICDSoft, and choosing a new domain name.

Extremely impressive, give both you and the web hosting service high marks so far. Lot of work to do yet, but should be fun. Thanks for a great product!"
— Ron Krzmarzick

"TNG allows me to focus on the genealogy instead of the technology! The only software I really need is PAF 5.2 as a repository and TNG for web-publishing. I might keep FTM or PAF Companion around for paper publishing, but web publishing is the best way to reach the broadest audience with current information.

"Your product is so good and ahead of it's time that my immediate selfish concern is making sure it stays around. Increase the price! For the amount of time and money TNG has saved me and the quality of the published result, I'd have paid twice as much!"
— Bob Rudolph, Rudolph-Nichols-Sullivan Family History

"Amazing! I work as a web designer/programmer too, and I have to say that your package is awesome. I thought that $25 would be worth it if it worked as advertised, but now that I've installed it (in a couple minutes) I would pay a lot more. Just for the relief from not having to decipher the GEDCOM spec... Thank you. After installing and uploading a pretty big GEDCOM, I was able to spend about 15 minutes and had it all using my site's user session management. I'm changing the CSS around now to fit into my site, but I was impressed that it actually looked good enough 'out of the box' to use (unlike many php scripts out there)."
— Dave Lyon

"This is a first class product. Over 100 expertly written pages with comprehensive instructions for installation. I had the script up and running in under an hour. Congratulations on building such an effective product Darrin, and thank you."
— Tony Westley

"Your software is excellent, I don't think I could ever do with out it now."
— Mike Muscroft

"All is going well with setting up the program - I love it! It is like a breath of fresh air compared with the others."
— Simon G Dawson,

"TNG is by far the best solution to keep up a family site I have ever run across. I've been scouting for a solution like yours for about 6 years, and then I stumbled on it by accident on the Hotscripts site. It is really a nice piece of scripting! Thanks Darrin, you made my life a lot easier."
— Tom Arppe

"I really appreciate your help with the TNG scripts. They are well written and work as promised. I have tried about every genealogy script publicly available, and none of them worked as stated, if at all. I was about to pull my hair out getting my information on line. The purchase of the TNG scripts has to be the best money I have spent in a long time. I am a senior systems administrator, and the quality of your scripts and service makes the majority of software companies pale in comparison. Again, thank you!"
— Mike Bartles

"I think TNG is wonderful. My old website required a couple thousand pages of static HTML. And, of course, visitors did not get any options on how to view the data. It took a couple of hours to update, even to change a single bit of data. There is no comparison between TNG and a static website."
— Linda Tinney, History of an American Family

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